Many listeners have asked through the years for video of Ben on stage.

Last week Ben played jazz with a select group at the Count Basie Theatre as part of the Sinatra Birthday Bash.

If you have been curious from listening to our morning show, here are a few links to click on and see short clips of my 14 year old in action with one of this bands.

Warning....these are 'mom' videos -- aka nothing professions. Two of the clips are of the sound checks when I was able to get near the stage, and one is from the audience during the live show.

I am so happy that he is living his dream :)

PS...Ben is the drummer. The others in the band include his friends Paul on bass, Alexander on guitar, Kristy on piano, and David, Frank, and Alec on sax...all kids from Monmouth/Ocean that Ben jams with through the Jazz Arts Project.

Special thanks to Joe Muccioli for many of the amazing opportunities, and to Alan Abraham, Benj's drum instructor since he was 9!


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