We can all name our favorite movies that the biggest movie stars from New Jersey starred in, but can you name the first movie those celebrities appeared in?

No matter how big the biggest movie stars from New Jersey have gotten in their careers, and they have all had amazing careers, they all had to get their start somewhere. So, today, we try to find out just how well you know your favorite New Jersey celebrities.

We'll even give you clues that might help you get to the answer, but frankly, we don't think that will do the trick. We'll just have to resign ourselves to the fact that this is going to be less of a quiz, and more of a lesson.

Don't go to IMDB until you've come up with your own answers, and then go there to check out all the details.  Let's get started with one of our favorite Garden State actors...

NJ Starts First Movies

So, there you go. Some more knowledge you'll probably have to get on a game show to use. But Deep down we know it's our responsibility to know as much as we can about the state we live in and the stars who we call our own.

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