A lot of restaurants and fast food chains are working to add menu items to accommodate people with all sorts of dietary restrictions and preferences.

That list includes McDonald's, Burger King, Dunkin and Taco Bell just to name a few.

Well now you can Nathan's Famous to the list.

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The fast-food chain, best known for their hotdogs, have just announced their brand new plant-based hot dogs and they have already started serving them!

"As plant-based menu items continue to grow in popularity, we are excited to launch the first ever gourmet, plant-based hot dog, a product created not just for our flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan customers, but all who enjoy a healthier diet,” said James Walker, senior VP of restaurants for Nathan's.

I love to see this. There are so many people who probably have not been able to try Nathan's Famous because of dietary restrictions and don't understand the joy of eating one of their hotdogs. Well now they can.

This meatless option costs approximately $5.00 per hot dog.

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But there is a catch: as of right now, these meatless hot dogs are only available at one Jersey Shore location: Jersey Shore Premium Outlets located at 1 Premium Outlet Way in Tinton Falls.

But try not to worry. These new vegan hot dogs should be available at the other Nathan's Famous locations, "in the coming months," according to APP.com.

Don't want to drive to Tinton Falls? There is another option.

Nathan's Famous also sells a "Nathan's Famous Plant-Based Hot Dog Kit For 6" on their website. This includes the vegan hot dogs, hot dog buns and a bottle of Nathan's mustard.

The kit itself costs $45 with an additional $17.65 being added for the cost of shipping to Ocean County.

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A little over $60 bucks for a meatless option to be delivered to your doorstep? That is not bad at all.

Head to BurlingtonCountyTimes.com for more information on this topic.

So while we wait for these vegan hot dogs to arrive at all Nathan's Famous locations, here are all the Jersey Shore locations so you are ready when the time comes.

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