As we broadcast live from IHOP in Brick for National Pancake Day, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the history of the star of the show today.

Before you take a bite of your pancakes today, you should know they could be 30,000 years old. Well, not the ones you're about to eat, but pancakes in general could have gotten their start that long ago.

According to National Geographic, there is evidence that all the tools needed to create the first primitive pancakes did exist that long ago. And as long as 5300 years ago, the pancake was a food staple.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used honey on their pancakes, in the Victorian era it was spices, apples and even a little sherry! I like my strawberry syrup, but I'm such a modern guy.

So, as we celebrate the pancake and help some great causes today, remember we are not the first to enjoy a good pancake, and we won't be the last. So come get a free short stack today at the Brick IHOP (where Liz and I will be until 10:00am), and help Children's Specialized Hospitals and the Children's Miracle Network.

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