I'm done with the Jersey stereotypes. 

I may be a little on edge because last weekend I was in the midwest and whenever I told somebody I was visiting from the Jersey Shore, they said: "like the show?"

If you don't travel to other parts of the country, just know that this is what a lot of people see when you say you're from the Jersey Shore.

Cast Of "Jersey Shore" Rings The NYSE Opening Bell - July 27, 2010
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I can't blame people who don't live here for having this image of us. It's what MTV shoved down the world's throats season after season.

But, when national lifestyle websites like Thrillist do it, they know better. The site recently published 'The Perfect Halloween Costume For Every State.'  This is what author Wil Fulton suggested for New Jersey:


Half the state's population pretends like they are "connected" the other 364 days of the year, anyway -- plus, now you have an excuse for spilling red sauce all over your shirt and shoes. It's called method acting, like De Niro.

Really? At first, I gave Wil the benefit of the doubt thinking that he's not from around here and that he's probably just buying into what a lot of other out-of-towners do. His Twitter handle @WilFulton was listed, so I decided to stalk the guy. It turns out he's based out of Manhattan!

Some of his suggestions for other states are tongue and cheek, and maybe this is too.

Is anyone else tired of Jersey getting a bad rap? Yes, the "Joisy" stereotypes exist and some embrace them. But the majority of us love this area and this state because we have it all. Beach, mountains, NYC to our north, Philadelphia to our west and Atlantic City to our south.

Wil Fulton, you know half of the state doesn't pretend they are "connected." It's called being honest, like taking more than three seconds to write the New Jersey section of your article. Do better. Love, NJ.

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