Forget that New Year's resolution to lose weight, you're about to get sidelined by some fundraising girl scouts, complete with a tasty new temptation!

The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore will unleash their sugary goodness onto our area in two weeks. At $4 a box, they're a little pricey, but who can resist a Thin Mint straight out of the freezer??

In honor of the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary, a new cookie will be introduced this year. Savannah Smiles look like powdered sugar-covered half moons. They are described as lemon wedge cookies with lemon chips.

I also recommend a box of the Thank U Berry Much -- they taste just like Fruity Pebbles...then there's Samoas, the old standby...and the Ducle de Leches are nice and can check out all the available varieties here.

Do you see why I said to forget about that resolution?? Don't worry, the gym will still be there in March!

What's your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie? Tell us in the comment section below!