There are so many great places in New Jersey to go for a fun night out with friends.

This past summer I went to a pub in Burlington County and had the best time. It was a great place to eat, hang out, play cornhole and have a beer. I was super excited to go back.

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I was recently getting together with friends and recommended heading back to that same place, but to my surprise it was closed. But, WHY? Turns out, it was shut down.

Photo by Bohdan Stocek on Unsplash
Photo by Bohdan Stocek on Unsplash

I'm talking about Ark Brewery, Restaurant and Pub on Ark Road in Lumberton, Burlington County.

Their website says, "Here we strive to provide you with a wholesome, relaxed, family-feel dining experience with fresh quality craft beer, unique cocktails, scratch food and infectious positivity and laughter!"

It's shut down for 6 weeks. So what happened? Why was it shut down?

According to an article on, the state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control "accused Ark of selling beer that wasn't registered for retail sales, serving alcohol purchased from liquor stores instead of approved distributors, and possessing contaminated bottles — among other offenses."

Photo by Bohdan Stocek on Unsplash
Photo by Bohdan Stocek on Unsplash

Ark Brewery management put out a statement on their Facebook page.

It says, "We will take this time off to further move the business in the proper direction to ensure quality and further growth to greater serve Lumberton and the surrounding community."

Ark Brewery, Restaurant and Pub will remain shut down until the end of February.

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