How many times do you race out of the house in the morning to try to get to work on time only to get stuck in ugly Garden State traffic on the Parkway, 35, 70, Route 9 or any of the other roads that drive us all crazy. Well, we have a new excuse to tell the boss. If Nicki Minaj can do it, so can I! 

Nicki Minaj arrived thirteen minutes late to the live American Idol show last night and said it was the traffic that was the problem. I missed the first part of the show and when I first noticed she wasn't there I thought to myself, "good", because frankly, she annoys me sometimes, but I just thought she was missing the whole show .

And when she finally made her way to the chair you could tell she was hurried and not really ready to go, and now we know why. She got to work late. Ryan and the other judges were making fun of her lateness, so we can be pretty sure it was nothing serious. 

Maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt. Who knows if she was attending a charity event, or meeting some adoring fans. That would make it ok. Or maybe she was just late. Do you mean to tell me, that American Idol doesn't have it's own lane on the highway? Shocking.