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New Jersey Commuters Have New Excuse Thanks To American Idol
How many times do you race out of the house in the morning to try to get to work on time only to get stuck in ugly Garden State traffic on the Parkway, 35, 70, Route 9 or any of the other roads that drive us all crazy. Well, we have a new excuse to tell the boss. If Nicki Minaj can do it, …
Did You Watch The Academy Awards? [POLL]
I am pretty sure I'm not the only person who didn't watch the Academy Awards last night. The thing is, I'm not really a huge movie person, and when it comes down to it, I just don't care about the awards.
Am I alone??
X Factor Host Explains Why He’s So Abrupt Sometimes
Steve Jones hasn't exactly gotten rave reviews as host of X Factor. He's been criticized for several things, but the one I hear most often is that he cuts off the judges, especially Paula Abdul. Jones told Ellen Degeneres it's not him, it's the producers screaming in his earpiece, according to msn.c…