So, sunshine and near 70 degrees today. How about some snow and a BOMB CYCLONE for Thanksgiving NEXT Thursday? The forecast in New Jersey is looking pretty shaky for the holiday week.

How bad could it get?

Well, Thanksgiving Day in the Garden State this year won't look or feel anything like the mild weather we were lucky enough to experience this week.

Of course, we're still a week away and a lot can change between now and then, but the forecast is not looking promising, especially for holiday travel, according to AccuWeather.

Meteorologists are predicting a few different outcomes for Thanksgiving Week. Come Monday and Tuesday, we could be dealing with high winds and plunging temperatures as a storm system gains strength along the northeast. That system could also mean heavy rain and severe thunderstorms on those days throughout the Garden State.

However, IF that storm system evolves more slowly moving in from the Midwest, snowflakes could be added to the mix.

But, AccuWeather experts agree, in either scenario, wind speeds will be a major factor, even high and strong enough to be in the 'bomb cyclone' range. Ohhhh, GOODIE!

What the heck even IS a bomb cyclone? According to National Weather Service, it's the result of something called 'bombogenesis', 'when a midlatitude cyclone becomes more intense very quickly, usually over a 24-hour period.' Furthermore, 'This intensity builds due to rapidly dropping atmospheric pressure. The drop in pressure can cause cold and warm air to collide, for example when a mass of strong, cold wind collides with the air over warm ocean water.'

So far, AccuWeather's forecast for New Jersey has varying temps, anywhere between 58 degrees and 42 degrees throughout next week, with Monday looking rainy and the rest of the week showing some sun but windy conditions.

Of course, the forecast could change (hopefully in our favor) by next Thursday, but still looks temperamental. Whether it's heavy rain, high winds, or even snow, it could get nasty, so just keep that in mind for your travel plans.

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