The prediction for this weekend's nor'easter has ranged from 1-8" for our listening area...meaning we can expect empty grocery store shelves and mass panic any second now.

But what do you really need to prepare for a snowstorm?

supermarket line
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Well sure, you should stock up on bread, milk, and eggs for a hearty french toast breakfast on Saturday morning. (Seriously, why does everyone reach for those three things? They are extraordinarily perishable. It makes no sense! Wouldn't boxes of crackers and jars of peanut/almond/soynut butter be better in an emergency?)

I digress.

Obviously you should have blankets, candles, and matches ready to go in case the power and/or heat goes out...and if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, stock up on some firewood.

Better stock up on bottled water or a few extra Brita filters while you never know when the pipes will freeze or break.

Let's see...what else...batteries...flashlights...a car charger for your phone so you can charge it when/if the power goes out...(though, let's be real, after Sandy, we probably all know at least one person with a home generator now.)

In that case, you better head to the gas stations and fill 'er up!

When it comes down to it, there is one thing you really need to get through any and all snowstorms, and that's fruit. Grapes, really. Thoroughly fermented grapes. (Skins optional.)

bottle of wine
Cupcake Vineyards

I was discussing this on Facebook the other day, and when a friend questioned how many bottles of wine one needs in a storm, and another friend graciously provided a handy table to follow.

The wine-to-snow table calls for 1 bottle of vino for every 2 inches of snow (up to 10 inches.) After 10 inches of snow, have 1 bottle of vodka on hand for every 4 additional inches of snow.

For safety's sake, it's always best to round up. (Always drink responsibly.)

It's gonna be okay, everyone. Even if we get a foot of snow, stick to my buddy's plan and you won't care at all!

How are you preparing for the snow? Tell us in the comment section below!

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