If you search the entire Garden State for counties which have the newest homes, you’ll find one county close to home very high on the list, and the other local county not far behind. In a state where we celebrate the multitude of old historic homes, including here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, it’s also nice to know our local progress leaves us as very young counties (when it comes to the age of our houses) in the overview of the state.

Unsplash, Erik McLean
Unsplash, Erik McLean

It turns out Monmouth County homes, on average, are older than Ocean County homes, which kind of makes sense with all the historic spots Monmouth is famous for. The average year the over 260,000 homes were built in Monmouth County is 1973, making it the 14th oldest (or the 8th youngest) county in the state.

And Ocean County, believe it or not, holds the the title as the county with the newest homes in all of New Jersey, according to Stacker. That surprised me for some reason. The average year a home was built in Ocean County is 1980.

So, the average home in Ocean is in it's early 40's and its Monmouth County counterpart is pushing 50. And it's nice to see the words new and Ocean County in the same sentence, and it's another little know fact that makes us proud of Ocean County.

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