New Jersey is densely populated, highly taxed and very stressed, but we don't curse the most. You could have fooled us!

When it comes to the state with the most need for soap in it's mouth, it's Ohio. According to the Marchex study reported at, they curse once every 150 conversations. Hold on. We curse less than that in New Jersey? Really?

Maybe I'm hanging out with an unusual crowd, but I'm pretty sure the people I'm around curse more than that. Not that I'm hoping for this "honor" for our state, but I have to tell you, I was a little upset. We don't get to be #1 on many lists around here.

The study was based on phone calls and came up with some interesting info. Most curses show up in a conversation that lasts longer than 10 minutes, and don't worry girls, you're still more polite. 66% of curses came from the mouths of men.

And if you want to hear a curse, make your calls early. The most curses appeared in morning conversations. Wait until they do a cursing while driving study. I bet we'll win that one.

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