When it comes to the hardest working states in America, you have to look pretty far down the list to find the Garden State.

According to a study conducted by WalletHub, the hard-working people of New Jersey rank pretty close to the bottom of the list on this one at #36, or looking at it another way, we're in the bottom third.

You may think you work hard, and I may think you work hard, but when WalletHub combined "Direct Work Factors" with "Indirect Work Factors", they said North Dakota was #1 and we were #36.

We did do better than our neighbors in Pennsylvania (41) and New York (43) if that's any consolation and the least hardest working state in America is West Virginia, which ranked #50 in both categories.

In case you were wondering, New Jersey ranked #37 in direct and #24 in indirect work factors, such as leisure time per day and commute times. You can check out all the data and findings at WalletHub.

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