Well, we had a lot of surprises come our way in 2021, and most of them were not good ones. So when we come across one that is on the positive side we can't wait to share it with you. But we're afraid you're not going to believe it.

If you've ever seen someone trying to park in the Point Pleasant Stop & Shop parking lot or watched someone try to make a left off of Route 70 onto Beaverson Blvd, or driven in the rain on the Garden State Parkway, you better sit down for this one.

In 2021, New Jersey was named among the states with the...wait for it...best drivers. That's right. That guy who barrelled out of Brick Plaza right in front of you without even looking the other day lives among and is included in the best drivers in the country.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves here, let's take a moment to realize we're not the best state in the nation, according to the study published at World Population Review. We're not even in the top 5.

But we are in the top 15, and let's face it, that's way higher than we thought we'd be. The home of the jughandle, the Asbury Circle, and the left lane of the Garden State Parkway should not even sniff the top 20. What can we say? Sometimes the underdog rises.

It's just that we see so much bad driving, parking, and speeding around us that we just don't think of ourselves as good drivers. And, let's be real. A Lot of us aren't. I am and you are, but the rest of those drivers? Not so much.

I mean just about everyone on 195 speeds, almost everyone on Route 36 in Eatontown is scheming to cut you off, and everyone on the Parkway thinks you're a hazardous driver if you don't do 85.

But despite all that, we live in the state with the 15th best drivers. We have to put that on the state flag or something. Or at least on those flashing Parkway signs.

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