If you've lived in New Jersey long enough, you are used to hearing negative things about the Garden State, but let's take a minute to celebrate all of the important 'firsts' that have happened in the Garden State.

Some very historic firsts have taken place in New Jersey and as we take a look at an impressive list of some of them, we take a minute to feel pride for our Garden State. Here are some of those firsts.

First boardwalk....some Atlantic City businesses were sick of people tracking sand into their establishments, so in 1870 they had a boardwalk constructed and the rest is history.

First complete dinosaur skeleton. Technically it was almost complete, but when William Parker Foulke found Hadrosaurus foulkii in Haddonfield in 1858, it proved the existence of dinosaurs, and that they used two legs for walking, according to history.com.

Hadrosaurus (NJDEP)
Hadrosaurus (NJDEP)

First baseball game. Whether you're a proud Yankees fan or a long-suffering Mets fan, you can thank, or blame, New Jersey. The first-ever baseball game was held on June 19, 1846, at Hoboken's Elysians Field, according to hobokenbaseball.com.

a baseball bat and glove

That's a lot to be proud of, and that is only a partial list. We haven't even talked about Thomas Edison and saltwater taffy. So the next time somebody cracks an old, bad New Jersey joke, remember these proud history notes for the state we call home. And tell them to get some new jokes.

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