We have all seen a lot of things along our shoreline that, frankly, we can't un-see. But one thing is for sure. None of us have ever seen a Hadrosaurus Folkii stomping along our beaches.

But once the Hadrosaurus Folkii did roam the beaches of the Garden State, and no one dared charge these guys a beach fee. And we heard they had no problem finding all day parking for free as well.

It was about twenty-five feet long, probably weighed 7 to 8 tons and stood about 10 feet tall, according to the New Jersey DEP website. We also learn that Hadrosaurus passed on the pepperoni pizza, since it was vegetarian.

Hadrosaurus was a duck-billed dinosaur who lived in the pre-Driscoll Bridge era known as the  Cretaceous Period,, which was about 80 million years before EZ Pass. (80 million BEZP).

Hadrosaurus (NJDEP)
Hadrosaurus (NJDEP)

The Hadrosaurus has been New Jersey's official dinosaur since 1991, when a 4th grade class in Haddon Township campaigned for it.

You now know something about the state you liv in that you never knew before, and who knows, you may find yourself on a game show on day when this exact topic comes up, so your welcome in advance.

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