This Sunday marks the end of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. When we look back at the history of the U.S.A. in the Olympics, a very prominent athlete from New Jersey is tied as the #2 Gold Medal winner of all time in the Summer Olympics.

2010 Vancouver Olympic Medals

Do you know who it is? I thought I did, but I got it wrong with an answer I bet you might have guessed, too. It turns out the medal winner in question is not the one from Point Pleasant many of us were thinking of.

Yes, Christie Pierce (Rampone) is an incredibly well-decorated athlete, as well as the pride of Point, but she's not the one who won enough gold medals to be in the Top 10 all-time.

Lou & Christie Pierce at NJ Hall of Fame
Lou & Christie Rampone at NJ Hall of Fame (photo, Diane Taylor Russo)

Christie has an incredibly impressive resume, as we all know. She is the proud owner of an amazing 3 Olympic Gold Medals to go along with her two Women's World Cup Championships.

Christie Rampone, Captain, 2012 U.S. Women's Olympic Soccer Rings The NYSE Opening Bell
Getty Images

So, if it's not the amazing Christie Pierce, then who is the athlete, who attended Willingboro High School here in the Garden State. who stands among the greatest Summer Olympic Gold Medal athletes in the world? Don't try to jump further than him.

IAAF Mobil 1 Zurich Athletics Grand Prix
Getty Images

We're talking the legendary Carl Lewis, who over his Olympic career, collected 9 gold medals, making him the 2nd (t) most prolific Summer Olympic Gold Medal winner of all-time through 2021, according to Topend Sports.

XXIII Olympic Summer Games
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The all-time leader is, of course, swimmer Michael Phelps, who collected a ridiculous 23 Gold Medals over his amazing career.

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