I love a happy ending!!!!!!!  I love a New Jersey hero and that is exactly what Chad Wallace of Ringwood, New Jersey is. He saw a sweet baby fawn struggling to swim in a lagoon and he sprung into action to save it.  Keep scrolling to see the three part feel good video and the fawn get reunited with mama!

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Chad's wife Cara was watching this happen and she had the quick thinking to catch the moment on Tik Tok, (resulting in 7 million views!!!) I knew it was a happy ending but I was still on the edge of my seat.  What a moment of relief when you see that baby deer in his arms! Chad yelled out that he's "not to going let him die" before diving right into the lagoon to save the day.

The couple was at a graduation party in the Windsor Park neighborhood when Cara saw the struggling fawn in the water and grabbed her husband. There was not going to be a happy ending if Chad did not intervene because there were no rocks or ladders or anything for the fawn to climb onto.  The fawn would have tired out without help.

At one point the fawn went under a dock for a minute and then Chad emerges with the fawn successfully in his arms!

They called animal control but after waiting a while they decided to release the animal themselves. They even took the steps to try and retrace the baby deer's steps on Google Maps to give him the best chance of finding mama. They guessed right because after the release there was a doe waiting.

The Wallaces said,

The mother deer was by the side of the road screaming for her baby.

The response to this act of kindness got an additional 30 million views on Facebook. I'm pretty sure we all need more kindness and love in this world and you brought it Chad Wallace!  Thank you for making us all smile today!

See the series of magical moments below:

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@chadbuckthegreat #savinglives #saved #chadbuckthegreat #amazing #fawn #babydeer #whatmendo

♬ Come Together - Gary Clark Jr.

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