With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may have those depressing thoughts starting to creep up featuring you sitting at home all alone on the biggest date night of the year, stuffing your face full of chocolate.

Can't lie to you, that idea doesn't even sound awful. Still, if you find yourself presently single and you happen to call the Garden State home, then you actually have something to celebrate. As it would have it, New Jersey has made it into 2022's list of the top 10 states for singles.

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A new survey has revealed that New Jersey happens to be one of the best places for single people in the entire country. Coming in at number eight on the list, New Jersey scored pretty high in more than a few of the criteria, three of which are dating opportunities, dating economics, and romance.

That's not hard to understand when you consider how many people live in New Jersey. We're squished in here like sardines, so obviously, logic would have us believe that there are definitely plenty of dating opportunities here in the Garden State. With that being said, it's also worth pointing out that one of the perks of living in NJ is that you will never be bored. With so many options to choose for your date night and then adding to that, the close proximity of so many excursions, that really does give single folks here in New Jersey plenty of ways to have fun and strike up a romance.

Finally, another reason New Jersey scored to high for this year is due to how many people in the state are vaccinated. The Garden State scored the 7th highest spot on the list for people 7-years and older who are fully vaccinated. That means that mandates won't really have much on impact on those people's dating lives.

So, if you're single for the Valentine's Day holiday this year, just know you're in a better spot than most people. A shot at love is real here in Jersey.

Check out the full report here.

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