HAPPY ENDING ALERT!  This is a horrifying story that ended well so I wanted to tell you that right up front. It's not everyday that you learn about real life heroes...people who are undoubtedly used by God to protect and serve in the most important possible way. I need you to know the name Eduardo Matute so you can celebrate him and his fellow officers for being everything police officers are supposed to be and more.

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I'm certain that when New Jersey police officer Eduardo Matute  woke up this past Saturday morning he never dreamed that he would be catching a 4 week old baby that was thrown off of a second-floor balcony.

Officer Matute and some other officers were in Jersey City when an unidentified man was dangling a newborn baby boy over a balcony.  This is a horrifying situation...how do you negotiate with pure evil? The innocent child was helpless and in such grave danger of a violent ending.

The officers kept as calm as possible and while they negotiated with the man.  They thought fast  and set up a perimeter and waited.

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office stated,

Kudos to the JCPD and all the officers involved for their heroics and for bringing a safe conclusion to this dangerous situation

Somehow, the newborn baby boy was not physically harmed and the man was swiftly arrested after the incident.

The photo of Officer Eduardo Matute brought me to tears. Our best in blue are the biggest and best superheroes he will ever encounter.

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