Seafood is an artform in my world.

There are so many different choices, so many different seasonings but above all, one thing is most important: that it is fresh.

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I stumbled upon an article on about a new seafood eatery that just opened up in New Jersey and I think they might have just broken that one golden rule.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is an abomination to the Jersey Shore and what we stand for.

If you take a look at the entire article, the writer mentions that there were satisfying portions of her visit (the lobster grilled cheese, cheddar bay biscuits and strawberry pine lemonade) and disappointing portions of her visit (basically everything else).

Okay, maybe not everything but let me explain.

The spot is known as Captain Cooks Seafood Boil and they just opened their third location in Rahway.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Their biggest selling point? The affordable $5.99 Crab Leg Clusters that you will have to wait on a long line for.

But read the article...the entire thing....

Here are the portions of the visit that the writer was less than impressed with:

The Lobster Tail in the boil: She describes it as, "undercooked and thoroughly disappointing." Darn...

The Potato Wedge in the boil which was compared to, "an apple [and] was a whisper away from from being completely raw." Oych.

The infamous Crab Leg Cluster was, "par at best." Danget! I love crab.

The Lobster Roll, "ended up being a disappointment due to miscommunication and poor execution." (She thought there was aioli in the roll) She continues by saying the, "garlic butter soaked bun nearly fell apart as I bit into it," and the overall description of the roll was, "overall flavorless."

Another ouch.

On top if it all, tools to crack the shells of the seafood aren't provided. You have to purchase them. Ummmm.....????

Notice what a majority of these critiques have in common?

Yup, it is mostly seafood.

attachment-captain 4

Now this location is based in Rahway and I have not personally tried it (Stephanie, I am taking your word for it) but the reason this piece caught my eye is because I saw "Seafood Boils To Go," in the headline.

Seafood Boils Should NEVER Be To Go.

I am not saying that is the sole reason this business might have some kinks to work out but it is a start.

Seafood that is fresh and flavorful has a short window to taste the best that it possibly can.

My parents scorn me for ever getting seafood to go because to them, even that 20 minute drive home makes a difference.

When you add putting seafood in a bucket of liquid, you are racing against the clock.

For certain seafood, like fish and shrimp, there are benefits to marinating.

But for shelled-seafood, like crab and lobster, sitting in liquid for TOO long leaves the meat soggy.

I get that it is October and that top-notch places for seafood at the Jersey Shore have mostly closed by now.

BUT...that doesn't mean we should have to settle.

Try serving those boils fresh, at your place of business and see if there is a difference.

If not....back to the drawing board.

And if I may add, good seafood is not cheap. If I am paying for it, it better be worth it.

Thanks again to Stephanie at for the honest review!

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