Here's a weird fact about me; I shower three times a day. I feel disgusting if I don't. I have to shower before work, after work, and before I go to bed. I know you might think that's a little ridiculous but for me, feeling clean and fresh is key.

How often do you shower? Clearly not enough. Someone at Barstool Sports thinks people in New Jersey rarely shower. The digital media sports company put together the top 10 states that shower the least. I have no idea how they came up with this top ten but it's a slap in the face for those who live in the Garden State. More below!

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This is nothing to brag about, but I lived in three states that are in the top ten. #1 on the list is West Virginia. I went to school at West Virginia University. It was the greatest four years of my life. It says "Wild & Wonderful" on West Virginia license plates for a reason. Are those living in West Virginia dirty? Absolutely, but they are some of the nicest people in America. I love West Virginia!

#2 on the list is Kentucky. Paducah, Kentucky was where my first radio job was. Did my coworkers in Paducah, Kentucky shower? Honestly, probably not. That's why I only made it out there for 8 months. Kentucky is still a great state though. It's a perfect state to visit if you like horse racing, bourbon, and college basketball.

New Jersey comes in at #9. This list has to be categorizing the people living in North Jersey, because I know all of us at the Jersey Shore shower daily, right?! HAHA - The Barstool Sports top 10 is below:

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