We are good at a lot of things here in New Jersey, but how good are we at sinning? Well, the stats are out for that.

So, just how sinful are we here in the Garden State? It can't be that bad right? We pay our taxes, we follow the rules. We are good people. So we can't be that sinful, right? Details are out on the rankings for every state in America.

So, guess how New Jersey did in the study. It turns out that there are states which are more sinful than we are. But it also turns out that we are more sinful than a lot of states too. A lot of them. The research was done by WalletHub.

For 2021, it turns out the Garden State is the 11th most sinful state in the nation. Things like jealousy, lust and hatred were part of the mix, but it turns out none of those categories were part of our downfall.

The category that got us was greed. Somehow you knew this had to come back to money, right? The study says we are the 8th most greedy state in the nation, that is what vaulted us right into the top 15.

And we've been called greedy before.Although BestLife had us ranked at #26th greediest, and frankly I think we're much more comfortable there right in the middle of the pack.

So, it turns out our greed has led our sin score to soar. And our rank to go right up there as well. And by the way, no surprise here, the top sin state in America in the 2021 study is Nevada.

And the state with the least sin for 2021 is Wyoming, so if sin is not your thing you know where to go.

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