It hurts to even say it, but New Jersey is among the top 5 states people can't stand to live in, according to a recent report. As a matter of fact, it might just surprise you that 4 states beat us.

We all know the challenges of living in the Garden State, from the cost of living, for which we were recently ranked 11th highest in the country, to the crazy congestion and everything in between.

One thing we don't do often enough is balance those very difficult things to live with here in New Jersey alongside the things we really love about the Jersey Shore and the whole Garden State.

There are great schools, amazing beaches and boardwalks, and some of the best restaurants on the planet. And, for the most part, the people are awesome. Those are some really great reasons we should be glad to live here.

But for most people who are thinking about moving, the high cost of just about everything, and the fact that New Jersey has become one of the worst states to retire in lead them to want to look for the exit and get out of the state.

In case you're wondering which states people can't stand to live in more than New Jersey here they are. They are (from 4 to 1) Mississippi, Virginia, Iowa and the #1 state on this dubious list is California, according to MoneyWise.

For me, there are so many things I am in love with about New Jersey, specifically the Jersey Shore, it absolutely makes me want to stay. New Jersey, it hurts the wallet, but it warms the heart.

Hey, maybe that should be the state slogan.

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