New Jersey has topped many lists, and usually they are list we don't even want to be near the top of. But this time we're number one and we can be proud of it.

The lists we usually top here in the Garden State usually involve traffic, taxes or smells, but not this time. New Jersey has been ranked as the state with the most delicious food. That sounds great, and by the way, we all know it's absolutely true!

The good news comes from Saveur magazine in an article at I have to say what I think everyone in the Garden State is thinking. This is not even close to being a surprise to us.

I just think it's so common, obvious and predictable for national media to cater to New York that's it's become expected that New Jersey and all it's amazing attributes gets overlooked.

And it happens so often that we actually get surprised when we get credit for something that we are really good at in New Jersey, and that really is a shame. It's nice to see that the Garden State get it's fair share of attention. We deserve it.

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