We all know the big game is coming, and for a lot of us, it means a big party. Whether you're hosting one or just attending one, food usually turns out to be a bigger star than any quarterback.

And it's always fun to try to find out what the hottest big party trends are. If you're the host of the party, you want to be serving what people want, and if you're just attending a bash, you need to know what's going to be served.

And there may be nothing more important than the dip. Anyone can buy a bag of chips. The dip is going to make the party a success, or that party everybody left after the halftime show.

So, what's the dip of the year? We went to the source of all information, the internet, to find out. and it turns out the most searched dip in New Jersey for 2022 is an amazing choice. New Jersey's top dip is Buffalo Chicken Dip, according to The Takeout.

Now that sounds delicious. But it's not unique to us. 17 other states' top search is the same as ours. So it's not just our favorite. It's tops in the country.

We wanted to give you a few options and a few recipes in case you wanted to try them at your party. Check these out and pick out your favorite...

Frank's Red Hot. You know their recipe is going to add some heat to your party. you put that &#%$ on everything, right?

Cafe Delites. They also have what looks like an amazing recipe you might want to prepare for your guests, and the rotisserie chicken makes it easy!

Taste Of Home. It's always a great source for delicious recipes, and the dip looks outstanding.

Hidden Valley Ranch. They know a little something about Ranch Dressing, so this has to be a good one, right?

The Food Network. The source for everything food. Here is their contribution to the world of Buffalo Chicken Dip.

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