Hey! It's Jimmy G! On top of hosting 'Nights with Jimmy G' on 94.3 The Point, I am also the co-host of a brand new television series called 'Show Us Everything'.  The goal of the show is to highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things during the pandemic. 'Show Us Everything' shows viewers how businesses and organizations are adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The show is real, local, authentic, and a great example of how forging ahead is important during a time like this. 'Show Us Everything' airs every Sunday night at 7 pm on News12+ (Altice: Channel 61, Cablevision: Channel 61, Optimum: Channel 61, Fios: Channel 530). Each episode highlights a specific topic. For example, one episode highlighted comfort foods during the pandemic. It was titled "Comfort Foods in an Uncomfortable Time". You can watch the full episode below:

I am fortunate to be co-hosting with my good friend Kyle Ward. Kyle is a tremendous musician who can often be seen playing shows in central New Jersey. His musical skills and my broadcasting experience bring a unique perspective to the show. We like to have fun but more importantly, we enjoy interviewing individuals who are doing everything they can to stay afloat during the pandemic. The goal is to always highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things!. Below is episode 3 and it is titled 'Creativity is the Vaccine'. WATCH BELOW:

You can follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Episode 4 will air this Sunday night at 7 pm. Once again, you can watch the 30-minute episode on News12+ (Altice: Channel 61, Cablevision: Channel 61, Optimum: Channel 61, Fios: Channel 530). Thank you for watching! - Jimmy G

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