You have a few days left to get your children and teens into some super cool music, singing, acting, and other performing arts classes. From one mom to another, these opportunities will open doors you never thought possible.

As a parent of a talented kid (and he didn't get it from me, that's for sure!), there are sometimes not enough solid opportunities with professional instruction/mentoring out there.

But the Count Basie Performing Arts Programs mean business. They give your talented son or daughter real life lessons that can supplement anything that they learn in their school arts programs and lessons.

Kids find a place to belong and bond with other peers that they may have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise, from other area schools. This is a great confidence booster for kids who have been pigeonholed or labeled in their own schools. They get the chance to be seen through new eyes and befriended by others who understand and also have similar artistic talent.

And the professionals who run these classes are often times working in the industry so you never know what kind of opportunities, introductions, and mentorships will be in your child's future.

Also, many times kids in some of the Basie programs are given opportunities to perform on that great, historic stage (without having to pay or provide their own audience, like other venues sometimes make you do.)

My son is part of the Jazz Arts Project's Jazz Academy that is run as one of The Basie Performing Arts Academy programs. I can't say enough great things about this program. If you have a tween or teen musician in your family that is a step above a beginner, or is advanced (not necessarily in jazz), and is looking to play in a real band and learn from professional, working musicians... and then get to perform in legit venues, sign up your child NOW! Any instrument is accepted, and classes are held on Sundays from 4pm - 6 pm beginning on Jan. 27th. CLICK HERE AND HERE to sign up, or call Susan Brennan at 732-224-8778 x 125. Also, feel free to email me directly for more info, mom to mom!

Some of the other amazing Basie programs that are starting SOON include the genres of Broadway, Comedy, and Film! There are also classes for young adults and adults, and  opportunities for private instruction.

To sign up or get more info, CLICK HERE!


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