A guy who grew up in France but went to St. Rose in Belmar and Brookdale Community College's Culinary school is now coming to Asbury Park to create a new eatery.

Sami Saab is French, but lived here in the U.S. at the Jersey Shore for several years before going on to culinary school in New York and then back to Europe and other foreign lands to learn more about the culinary arts.

His place is the former home of Dani's on Main Street. He likes the lighting and the potential to have seating around an open kitchen...so we are excited to see how it all turns out once the doors open!

But when it came to opening a restaurant, he wanted it to be in Asbury Park. He currently lives in Bradley Beach but will be moving to Asbury once his eatery is up and running this summer.

His place will have a Mediterranean street food type of menu, with French, Italian, and Lebanese flavors. It will be a healthy take on fast food. Pastries and specialty drinks will also be available.

Sami is all about fresh food, fresh produce, and lots of different spices.

As it turns out, a couple of his friends from years past are now also chefs at some of Asbury Park's other favorite restaurants, including Asbury FestHalle and Brando's.

So be on the lookout for another super cool place to chow down this summer. There is a possibility he will name the restaurant Sami's, but that's not official.

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