I was doing some grocery shopping the other day, when an interesting product caught my eye.


Caffeinated water.

Whoa. This could be awesomely good...and dangerously bad.

I love coffee, half because of the taste, half because of the 'jumpstart'. I drink it throughout the day, and I'm at the caffeine addiction point where I get a headache after a day without a cup. That being said, I'm always telling myself I really need to drink more water.

Is this the best possible solution?

Avitae comes in two varieties, 45mg (equivalent to the caffeine in diet soda) and 90mg (equivalent to a cup of coffee).

It's sort of brilliant, until you realize it wouldn't be that hard to overload on caffeine. (The average person would have to drink 4 or more bottles of the 90mg water in a day to approach caffeine overdose levels. I could probably down 2-3 no problem.)

Because it doesn't taste any different than plain water, it might be easy to forget that you're really drinking an energy-type drink and not pure H20.

That's the thing, this drink is meant to be an energy drink without the chemicals and sugar. According to Avitae, the caffeine in their water comes from coffee beans. (I'm not sure how they do that, but that's why I'm not a scientist.)

I didn't buy it, mostly because I figured if I need caffeine, I could just drink my regular coffee, and I also sort of pictured myself bouncing off the walls...but I'm curious enough about it to give it a go.

I might try replacing my daily coffee with a bottle of that...I'm sure giving up the little bit of milk and sugar in my coffee would help with the scale too! Bonus!

Avitae is just one of many brands of caffeinated water, retailing for about $1.50 for a 16.9 oz bottle. That's about what you'd pay for coffee, right?

Would you buy caffeinated water? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!