There's a gorgeous, new coffee shop in town...with a drive-thru.

The new Starbucks on Rt. 35 South in Wall (1913 Rt. 35 across from Rook!) has just opened its doors.

It is huge and beautiful with tons of nice seating inside, plus that drive-thru. And it's got some nice outdoor seating as well.

So Wall Township has gone from having one overcrowded Starbucks on that Rt. 35 strip to THREE (there's also one inside the Acme).

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

I am not such a fan of the crowded Starbucks in the Brook 35 shopping center on Rt. 35 North in that area because there is not enough seating and half the seating is in a small back room that is cramped and dark. Plus the line is usually super long. So this new Starbucks is a gorgeous addition to town.

Open until 10 pm (9:30 pm on Sundays.) Enjoy!

Pancheros Mexican Restaurant and Frutta Bowls will also eventually be built in this new shopping complex called Wall Promenade.

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