As soon as you found out there was a publication ranking the most expensive airport in the United States, you kind of knew Newark Liberty would be among the top.

Well, it turns out Newark Liberty is not among the most expensive airports in America. It actually is the most expensive airport in the nation. Congratulations New Jersey, we are number one again.

You may have thought that L.A. would certainly be more expensive than us, but it wasn't. (LAX ranked 5th most expensive). Or maybe the airports in New York were worse? Nope. LaGuardia was 10th, and JFK was 2nd.

So, just how expensive is Newark Liberty? Well, according to, the average fare at Newark Liberty is a little over $429, which is over $33 more than the 2nd most expensive airport (JFK, $396.10)

The research went beyond ticket prices and in the case of Newark Liberty, the food prices were one of the big reasons it landed on the top of the list (or bottom, depending on how you look at it).

By the way, LaGuardia didn't do much better than Newark Liberty or JFK, making an appearance of it's own in the top 10, at #10 with an average fare of $329.20.

So let's drop this one into the "not really surprised" folder and add it to the list of high price of living in the Garden State.

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