If for some reason, you're looking for the least reliable major airport for punctuality in America, you won't have to go very far.

Jersey Shore travelers will most likely not be surprised by the news reported at msn.com that the least reliable major airport in all of the United States of America is Newark Liberty International Airport.

Even if that doesn't exactly shock you, some of the numbers just might. Think about this statistic for a second. Only 67% of flights are on time. That means that one out of every three flights are not.

I know you didn't need me to help you do the math on that, but I couldn't resist driving that unbelievable point home.

So, why not use one of the other two huge airports in the area? Here's why. JFK and LaGuardia round out the bottom three. Of course they do. For the record, in 2018, 22% of all flights were delayed, as compared to Newark Liberty's 33%.

This just serves as further proof that literally nothing is easy in the Garden State. Not even getting out of it.

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