According to recent data, delays at local airports are bad, but they might not be as bad as you think.

As soon I heard the data was out on the airports with the worst delays in America, I worried for Newark Liberty Airport.

Local Airports With The Worst Delays

It turns out that while a couple of local airports make an unfortunate appearance in the top 20 on the list, Newark Liberty is not on the list.

Here's the bad news. JFK International International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport made the list.

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The report, at Fox Weather, places JFK Airport at #6, and Philly International is just ahead of JFK at #5.

How Bad Are Airport Delays At JFK Airport?

The average delay at Philadelphia International was one hour, 26 minutes, and 32 seconds. JFK International's average delay was one hour, 24 minutes, and 3 seconds.

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Provo Airport is on top of the list, and their average delay is the only one in the nation that tops one hour and forty minutes. It's 1 hour, forty-two minutes and 31 seconds.

Average Delays At Newark Liberty International Airport

Returning to Newark Liberty International Airport, they did not appear on the top twenty list, and that's good news for New Jersey travelers.

One of the airports in America with the shortest average delays, according to the report is Long Beach Airport in Los Angeles with an average delay of only about 43 minutes.

Topping the list for short delays in America is Hilo International Airport in Hawaii, with an average delay of approximately 40 minutes.

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