When it comes to a great Italian food dish, few places do it better than we do here in New Jersey. So, which New Jersey restaurant has the best lasagna?

There are very few states in the nation that can compare with the Garden State when it comes to whipping up some authentic Italian food, and it's true for home cooking as well as the amazing Italian restaurants and sandwich shops that call New Jersey home.

New Jersey's Best Italian Food

We love our pasta dishes, our chicken parm, and our lasagna here in New Jersey. Is it even possible to crown a single Garden State lasagna champion?

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That is exactly what some foodie experts across the nation are trying to determine, and that research sounds like it could be a lot of fun,

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The lucky folks at Lovefood got another opportunity to enjoy the best lasagna dishes in the nation, and they chose a favorite for each state. We can't wait to hear what they chose for the Garden State.

New Jersey's Best Lasagna Is In North Bergen

After extensive, carbohydrate-rich research, the foodie experts focused on an amazing North Bergen restaurant.

The selection they made for the Garden State's best lasagna falls in the lap of Trattoria La Sorrentina.

This amazing restaurant, and now, according to some experts, Lasagna Champion is located at Bergenline Ave. and is an absolute local fan favorite. They have an unbelievably extensive menu and are well-known for their authentic Italian food.

Give them a try and see if you agree that they have the best lasagna in the entire state of New Jersey. Let us know what you think.

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