Summer is here in New Jersey, and that means the Garden State sounds of summer we love so much.

Jersey Shore Summer Sounds That We Love

The first sound that comes to my mind is the beautiful song of the seagull. Nothing lets me know it's summer more than that.

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Here are 5 summer smells we find ourselves enjoying once again after making our way through a New Jersey winter.

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Summer Rain. Whether you get a whiff of it in a parking lot, on your front lawn, or near the beach, there is nothing like the smell of summer rain, especially on a hot day..

New Jersey Loves Summer Foods Are Crowd Favorites

Boardwalk Food. Maybe it’s zeppoles, pizza, burgers, or any of the other boardwalk foods, they instantly remind you of summer, and childhood. Nothing is better.

The Ocean Air. How lucky are we to live so close to the ocean that sweetens our summer air with its intoxicating aroma?

The Neighbor’s Grill. How many times do you walk out of your house only to be greeted by the smell of your neighbor's steaks, burgers, and dogs cooking on the grill? Only in summer.

Suntan lotion/bug spray. Sure they have completely different purposes, but the reaction to the smell of each of them is the same. It must be summer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Garden State summer sounds, and we love them all.

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