Ah Halloween….

A time filled with ghosts, goblins, candy, and sugar overload.

There are definitely types of candy that are considered one of the favorites among all of the kids (and maybe some of us adults) which means everyone will fight for them when it comes time for trick or treating and the trading that goes down afterwards.

Now, a study was conducted by CandyStore.com of what the favorite Halloween candy is by state and I am kind of disappointed in what the alleged favorite for New Jersey is.

And New Jersey's favorite is....


Skittles?! SKITTLES?!

I'm sorry but back in my day, a pack of Skittles were some of the first pieces I would trade for the better types of candy like Snickers, Milky ways, Reese's, Blow Pops....gift bags!!

Who decided this because I MUST speak with them.

Take a look at the original study that has me literally crying in the studio here.

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