A New Jersey high school is facing criticism after creating a ban that only the female students are required to follow.

Jetta Productions

It's happening at a Catholic school, Queen of Peace high school in Bergen County's North Arlington.

The female students were asked to try not to curse for the month of February, as part of a civility campaign.

The male students were not asked to take part.

The pledge is set to end on March 1, but if it is successful and the students want to extend the pledge, the boys may be included in the future.

I don't think it's all that offensive to have this 'rule' for women only because it's 1) a promise that they will try and not curse, not a rule that they will be punished for breaking, and 2) is it really so horrible to encourage ladies to stop cursing?

I have as much of a potty mouth as anyone else (let's be real, I'm Italian, and this is Jersey) but the truth is, we all sound thoroughly uneducated when we use those fabulously unfit-for-radio words.

It might even encourage the men to treat women with more respect (you know, those horrific anti-feminist notions of not using foul language in front of a woman and *gasp* opening a door for a woman!)

I'm not suggesting we go back to the days of ladies being relegated to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, but I am suggesting we do ourselves a favor and hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct...then perhaps the men will follow suit.

Would it really be so bad?

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