It's the kind of thing that makes us Millennials look bad.

An 18-year-old high school senior in New Jersey is suing her parents, demanding they pay her college tuition and give her financial support.




Rachel Canning claims her parents threw her out of their house when she turned 18 and have stopped paying her tuition at Morris Catholic High School in Denville (Morris County)

She is currently living with a friend, whose father is an attorney and is funding her lawsuit.

Rachel's father, Sean Canning, says she wasn't thrown out, but left voluntarily. According to the Daily Record, 'The father contended that Rachel moved out because she didn’t want to abide by simple household rules - be respectful, keep a curfew, return 'borrowed' items to her two sisters, manage a few chores, and reconsider or end her relationship with a boyfriend the parents believe is a bad influence.'

Now, I'm lucky enough that my parents helped support me well into my late 20s...but at the same time, I respected them and their home. I had a job (sometimes more than one) and paid a good portion of my own bills -- including my student loan.

I appreciate everything my parents gave me, but I never would have demanded they pay for anything of mine once I was a legal adult.

Rachel Canning, a legal adult, sounds like a spoiled brat who threw a tantrum, and then realized she screwed herself over.

She should apologize to her parents, and realize how lucky she is that they supported her for the last 18 years. Your parents give you a curfew? They ask you not to steal from your siblings? Contribute around the house where you're living rent-free? Sounds like they are trying to turn you into a decent human being and keep you from being a criminal.

You know where else they have curfews? JAIL. You think your parents are strict?

How about you try supporting yourself for a year and then you'll realize just how good you had it at home. At least you HAVE parents who care about you...some people aren't nearly as lucky. You should be counting your blessings instead of your parents' money.

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