We have got another big Jersey Shore winner!

The drawing that happened on Tuesday, September 17th had two winning tickets that will be splitting the $247,558 Jersey Cash 5 Jackpot and one of those tickets was sold here at the Jersey Shore!

That means both winners will take home $123,779! Yes, it sucks to have to split your winnings but that is a gorgeous take home. Be thankful.

The Jersey Shore winning ticket was sold at Beach Haven Moose #1575 located at 120 Route 72 in Manahawkin.

The other ticket was sold at the Super Exito Supermarket located at 218 Dayton Avenue in Clifton.

Congratulations to both locations because they will both be given $2,000 for selling a winning ticket!

The winning numbers were: 08, 15, 19, 41 and 43 and the XTRA number was 02.

You never know when one of these winning statistics will include you.

And remember...Anything can happen in Jersey.

For more information, visit NJLottery.com.

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