New Jersey is one of the states in the nation with the greatest restaurants, and as an official foodie state, we have a lot of restaurants people want to visit. But is there one that everyone wants to visit even more than any other?

This is because the website Lovefood believes it has found that restaurant, at least according to a recent article.

Which New Jersey Restaurant Is The One Everyone Wants To Visit?

The foodie website has not just named the restaurant in New Jersey that people most want to visit, but they have named one for each state in America, and Tops Diner gets the nod for New Jersey.

Naming one for New Jersey is a tall order. We have tons of great restaurants everywhere you look, so how can you choose just one? The answer is, that you narrow it down to what New Jersey is famous for, namely diners.

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Even though it’s narrowed down to diners, however, it doesn’t make the job that much easier. The foodie experts picked the diner that they think more people want to visit than any other diner or restaurant in the Garden State.

One Of New Jersey's Best Diners

Their choice is a good one. If you were going to put one New Jersey diner ahead of the others, it would probably be the often-honored Tops Diner in East Newark. That was the choice and it’s a good one.

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Tops Diner is well known throughout the state and country. They have been going strong for 80 years, so they must be amazing. Tops Diner is located at 500 Passaic Ave. in East Newark, in case you want to visit it, too.

We do not doubt that there are plenty of restaurants you thought of for this category, and that's the beauty of the topic of great restaurants in New Jersey. Your opinion is always right. at least to you.

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