No one has to tell New Jersey residents that we are both charitable with our money or with our time, even when we don't have extra amounts of either. So this study may surprise you.

Our friends at WalletHub crunched some numbers and came up with a ranking for each state in the nation. I will tell you in advance that I was surprised about New Jersey, and not in a good way!

Here are some of the rankings and statistics that were used in the research...

Volunteering & Service Rank. The Garden State is ranked 33rd in the nation in this category. I told you that you were going to be surprised.

Charitable Giving. We did a little better here, but not as good as you might have thought we would. We ranked 18th best in the nation.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if those are the two main categories than that leaves New Jersey in just about the middle of the pack. And that would be just about right. The Garden State ranks as the 27th most charitable state in the nation, and frankly, that's not very impressive.

Of course my, and probably your, vast experience is here at the Jersey Shore, and my conclusion would be completely different. I see nothing but endless generosity and charity work here.

So, if that's true, maybe it's the rest of the state that's bringing us down a little bit. I don't want to believe that though, because everywhere I've been in New Jersey, I've met generous people with big hearts.

But it is a theory. To those who do so much in our state, at the Jersey Shore and elsewhere, don't let these stats get to you. Keep up the good work. For the rest, we've got some work to do.

In my, opinion, we are easily a top 10 and probably a top 5 state. Hopefully the next research will prove that. You can check out the methodology and all the results at WalletHub.

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