The unfortunate reality for a lot of New Jersey residents is that taking a sick day at work means losing out on that day of pay.

But, that is all about to change.

Governor Phil Murphy signed the Paid Sick Leave Law back in May and while we have touched on the subject before, here is ALL you need to know.


This law will help part-time and full-time employees and apparently, "is the broadest and strongest law of its kind in the country." So cash register attendants and servers -- this is for you!

However, this law does apply to union workers or New Jersey residents who work outside of the state.


Beginning October 29th, New Jersey employees who are affected by this new law will begin to accrue hours that will then later be used for a sick day. For every 30 hours worked, they will earn one hour of leave. But be advised that employees can only save up to 40 hours of leave per year.

More Than Sick Days

The best part is that this accrued time can be used for sick days, health needs for another family member, health emergencies, a child's school-relate conference, or situations involving domestic or sexual violence.

Punishment For Offenders

Companies who do not follow this new law will face fines ranging from $100 to 1,000 and could face 10 to 90 days in jail for their FIRST OFFENSE. Additional offenses will result in fines from $500 to $1,000 or 10 to 100 days in jail -- OR BOTH.

Spread the word because this law is put into action within the next thirty days so employers need to take this time to make the appropriate changes/adjustments in their systems.

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