Do you rely on mass transit services to get to and from work?

Do you travel into New York City a lot?

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Or maybe heading to Philadelphia is more your style?

Then listen up because do I have good news for you....especially if you most commonly get around using New Jersey Transit.

But real are some common NJ Transit links you may need.

Railway track train track
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NJ Transit Train Schedules

Purchase Train Tickets

Pretty, young woman on a tramway

NJ Transit Bus Schedules

Purchase Bus Tickets

Industrial rail train wheels closeup technology perspective conceptual background

Light Rail Schedules

Purchase Light Rail Tickets

And then once you know the schedule and your ticket is purchased, bookmark THIS PAGE for constant updates and alerts incase there are delays or cancellations.

And now that you have all the important pages bookmarked, it is time to spill that killer news:

Ecstatic News For NJ Transit Commuters From Monmouth & Ocean County

Do you rely on NJ Transit a lot? Do you commute via train or bus to work everyday? Then listen up:

I am grateful that something in New Jersey did not become more expensive because honestly, I'm over it.

There has been no hike in NJ Transit fares in five years and according to this report, we shouldn't have to worry about increased prices until 2026.

Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media NJ
Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media NJ

I will encourage you to take this piece of information with a grain of salt because 9 or 10 years with no increase in price? Am I crazy to think that it might be too good to be true?

Either way, with gas prices going sky high, New Jersey Transit has never looked better.

It is not quite convenient as having a car but you never know who you will meet on each ride.

Looking to take the train to somewhere noteworthy?

I found this gem in Holmdel that has EVERYTHING. Let's take a look:

Everything Bell Works In Holmdel Has To Offer

I did not even know this existed and they have EVERYTHING! Italian, Mexican, coffee, a bar, plastic surgeon, dentist, clothing stores, a library and even an escape room!

The Top Brunch Joints At The Jersey Shore!

They may not have bottomless...but their food is top notc

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