Stories like this one have literally been one of the biggest sources that have helped me to get through this year.

Yesterday, the ownership of No Limits Cafe appeared on the Tamron Show to receive some pretty amazing news. case you are not aware of the No Limits Café, it is a lunch spot located in Middletown that solely employs people with Intellectual Disabilities. Amazing, right?

Okay....let's get back to it.

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Yesterday morning on the Tamron Hall Show, the leadership of the No Limits Café dialed in via Zoom to be met with an amazing surprise.

Television personality and the host of MSNBC's The Profit, Marcus Lemonis -- who has made it one of his top priorities to help small businesses -- revealed that he would be placing $30,000 worth of take out orders!

"Tamron and I are really amazed what you guys are doing for the whole community," said Lemonis. "[This will] not only help the business but [will also] help those struggling with food and security. We know $30,000 will help you pay the rent, it is going to help take care of your pay roll and quite frankly, it warms our heart to be able to help you achieve your mission."

Take a look at the touching moment below. The owners are literally in shock....understandably so!

This is such an amazing act of kindness.

A lot of people are staying in to avoid contact with other individuals due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and even though restaurants are finding a way to remain open, you know those involved with the industry are not making close to what they used to.

Congratulations to the No Limits Café!

And if you are comfortable going out and about, stop by and visit them at 418 NJ-35 in Red Bank. Any questions? Give them a call at (732) 451-3484 or visit their website

Take a look at the original article covering this amazing story at

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