Last week, I was very sarcastic in my reporting of the one game winning streak the Giants were 'enjoying'.

This week, the Giants kind of shut down my sarcasm machine by notching their second straight win. Yep, Big Blue is on a two game winning streak. It's their first two game win streak since 2016.

I'm excited that my favorite football team is actually playing some decent football. However, I have actually heard some of my fellow Giants fans say things like 'if they win all the rest of their games this season, they could make the playoffs'. What? Cue the sarcasm.

Those Giants fans can't be serious can they? Can't we take our tiny, tiny little moment of happiness in this dismal football season and be happy with it, while at the same time keeping it all in perspective? Some Giants fans just aren't multi-taskers like that.

You know what, though. As tempting as it is to get sarcastic about the fans overreacting, I'm not going to . The fans deserve to have some joy. So, Giants fans, have it. Start boasting that we can win out and give ourselves a chance to at glory. Go right ahead.

But...keep this in mind. The actual chances of this happening (the playoffs part) are pretty bad, like 0% chance bad. I found a chart from Pro Football Reference at that literally gives a 3-7 team a 0% chance at the playoffs.

Here's the good news though. If the Giants win next week, they then have a 3% chance to make the playoffs, according to the chart, and that's better than the nothing we have now. And if they win the following week, it soars to 4%. (sorry that sounded a little sarcastic, didn't it?). So dream on Giants fans. We deserve it.

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