A new grading trend has started to become very popular with the southern New Jersey schools, and there many mixed opinions on the matter.

It is called the "no zero" policy which means the lowest grade a student can receive is a 50 as opposed to 49 and below. This will include optional homework assignments and retaking tests.

The idea is to give kids a "break" since 0 to 50 are all technically failing grades and those for the policy say it will encourage kids to put forth their best efforts because they will be accounted for when they just simply show up and give a "reasonable attempt."

I do understand that sometimes kids do need a break. You receive a bad exam grade, you have a bad day, but in my opinion, this is going way too far.

Kids will stop doing homework if it is not checked or graded and at times the effort put into homework could be used as a grade booster. Grades do only stand for so much but if we keep getting more and more lax with the rules, the future generation will be useless when it comes time for them to take over.

Am I wrong?

Check out the original article at NJ.com.

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