The next round of March weather has arrived at the Jersey Shore, and here's what impact it will have on the Jersey Shore today.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow told us this will be the mildest of the three storms and that is how it is playing out. Overnight rain has changed to all snow this morning at the Jersey Shore.

Dan says that any accumulations will mostly occur in the morning hours, posing a challenge for the morning commute.There is a possibility for some minor coastal flooding associated with this storm and the winds can gust to 40 mph or above today.

Many schools are on a delayed opening today due to the weather, and you can get the latest on that anytime with Point Stormwatch.

The expectation is that the snow should taper off completely by late morning today. Then later, we'll see high temperatures in the mid 40's, so any melting will begin quickly. Winds will continue to gust over 30mph throughout the day.

I think all of us are growing weary of this streak of Nor'easters, and maybe even a little cranky. Imagine that...something making us cranky at the Jersey Shore! the good news is that by Thursday we'll have some sunshine and a shot at hitting 50 degrees.

Did we all imagine those days in the 70's a couple of weeks ago? it seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?

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