The Jersey Shore is bracing for a potential nor'easter Sunday into Monday that could bring up to 3 inches of rain to parts of the area.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow has his eyes on the storm system, that in addition to all that rain, could bring wind gusts of 50mph and the chance for coastal flooding and beach erosion.

If you're looking for a positive in this forecast, you may find it in the fact that this isn't a snow event, with temperatures around 50 on Sunday and in the mid 40's on Monday. With three inches of rain possible, those temperatures are a relief. Just how much snow would that be if it was a snow event.

We checked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and they say, on average one inch of rain is the equivalent of 13 inches of snow, which means had this been a snow event, parts of our area would be blanketed with 3 feet 3 inches of snow. Wow.

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